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Notre Art wooden furniture factory is a family-owned company founded in Egypt since 1999, we are offering the best service and highest quality handmade furniture to our customers using natural solid wood. In 2009 we started to establish our series of showrooms given the name “NOTRE ART” in an upscale neighborhood thus expanding our presence in Egypt. Through the showroom, we have gained deep insight into our customers’ needs. We have built a degree of flexibility and dynamic response to all our customers’ requirements. We are proud to guide our customers step by-step to realize customer satisfaction. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing home classic & contemporary furniture including bedrooms, dining room, sofa sets and central tables coupled with flexible and innovative designs in various styles. Notre Art has additional lines that deals with B2B projects like hotels and restaurants furniture, wall cladding, and wooden interior designs for buildings.

In 2010 we got the ISO certificate 9001:2008 in manufacturing of classic and modern furniture.


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